A device to measure the sample color values of L*a*b*, L*c*h*, color difference ΔE and ΔLab according to CIE color space.

Used In

  • It is widely used in different industries such as plastic, printing, paint, textile,dyeing,etc.


  • CS-10 is the economic model designed for assembly line. It could meet basic color measurement
  • CS-200 is the update version of CS-10 for the improvement of testing accuracy and measuring YI and WI. It belongs to high cost-effective product
  • CS-210 is with build-in camera for viewing the measuring area. It is convenient for customer to see the measuring area and suitable for testing patterned and colorful samples
  • CS-220 provides specular component excluded (SCE) measuring condition. It is designed for the color measurement of powder, pasty materials and highly reflective materials
  • CS-260 is with build-in color charts. After measurement, instrument will match three color numbers from the color charts for the colourist reference.