Agera - Full spectrum illumination with UV control provides simultaneous measurements of reflected color, gloss and image capture in one simple measurement.

Used In

  • 1. Agera delivers simultaneous measurements of reflected color, gloss, and image capture in one simple measurement. Agera’s dual-beam, 0º/45cº circumferential geometry combined with a balanced full spectrum, UV controlled LED illumination provides superior color accuracy and repeatability on standard and fluorescent samples.
    2. The built-in gloss meter provides highly accurate 60-degree gloss results in conformance with international standards.
    3. The 5-megapixel camera ensures proper sample positioning while capturing and storing the image as part of the data record.
    4. Agera completes the picture with a modern user interface, robust embedded quality control software, and state of the art data management options to providing exceptional flexibility, ease-of-use and unprecedented value.


  • 1. Simultaneous color and gloss measurement
    2. 0º/45ºc circumferential geometry replicating human vision
    3. Multiple port plates to accommodate a range of sample sizes
    4. Built in USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Email data communications
    5. Industrial touchscreen with modern user interface
    6. Embedded EasyMatch Essentials QC Software